Eric Rutin standing in thoughtful manner

Who Is This Eric Rutin & Why Does He Have This Website?

I have been helping organizations with their marketing efforts for over 20 years. I have worked with brands as big as Chipotle and Hilton, but I have the most fun helping small and medium businesses get big results with modest budgets. 

My passion, however, is teaching others how to use marketing principles to grow their business. Whether it is helping an office manager learn how to do a Facebook ad campaign or a recent college grad conduct a competitive analysis to determine their messaging for a marketing campaign.

As I scoured Google and YouTube looking for content to share with colleagues and friends looking for some help with their marketing efforts, I realized there wasn’t that much good stuff out there. Most of it fell into three categories:

  1. Totally outdated information based on the marketing climate in 1998.
  2. Overly academic, written at such a high level that you need an advanced degree to understand and even more confusing in how to implement.
  3. Superficial and generic, providing just enough information to get you to sign up for the creator’s master class.

I decided to create a resource that would educate people seeking help, not only learning marketing concepts, but how to actually implement them. I share easy marketing lessons void of confusing jargon and complicated math. Rather than deal in conceptual things, I use real world examples to make it easy to execute for your company.  

You will learn everything from the psychology of color to select just the right one for your brand. Or maybe you are interested in learning about influence and techniques like social proof and confirmation bias to help with your messaging. You will learn about these and many other marketing concepts to help you confidently and competently manage your marketing efforts. 

Armed with a Fine Arts degree. I later went on to get my MBA with a concentration in marketing. 

As an avid runner (8 marathons so far), I know how to develop plans to reach audacious goals – and have the discipline to execute them. Lastly, I have a soft spot for dogs and have two rescue pups.