Eric Rutin teaches marketing

This site is for anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of marketing. 


Marketing can seem overwhelming and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. Despite the explosion of marketing channels in recent years, fortunately the the core fundamentals of marketing remain relevant. 

I breakdown the building blocks of marketing strategy, dive into various channels such as social media and digital marketing and explain how to take concepts and apply them. 

Whether you are a small business owner trying to find new customers or the team member that drew the short stick and is now responsible for your company’s marketing efforts, or even a student trying to ace your mid-term, I provide easy to understand lessons and step-by-step action plans for implementing what you learn. 

Let's Demystify Marketing Principles Together!

Small business owner that needs to understand marketing

Small Business Owners

You know your business, but concepts like SEO, Social Media and Brand Architecture intimidate you. Learn how to acquire new customers, increase the loyalty of your current ones, and drive more sales. You are focused on the bottom line, so it is critical you transform your marketing from an expense to an investment.

assistant helps with marketing support

Jill/Jack of All Trades

Somehow you have become the unofficial marketing director for your company. You are constantly being asked to perform marketing duties despite not having any training or support. You have to be ingenious in finding solutions and Google has become your best friend. This is a resource to help you develop your marketing skills in one easy location.

College kid on his way to marketing class

Marketing Student

You are excited to get out in the real world and see your ideas become realities. But your marketing professors are either stuck in 1995 or speak as if you are a PHD candidate. You just want someone to explain the key marketing concepts in a way that makes sense and will prepare you to be ready to go when you get your first job.